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Sad to say, despite all efforts, peace, especially in the Island of Mindanao, continues to elude us. Come to think of it really, they say that there is no perfect instrument or human acumen can really predict earthquake. Kasi kung magdating ’yung sabi nila ‘yung “Big One”, I hope it will be just in the mountains and in the rural areas. But with so many killings as brutal and as cruel as what happened, if you add human rights and due process, you stink and your mouth smells.

I have learned from my experience in Davao City that investor confidence [is] bolstered and fortified only if a potent force and mechanism for [the] protection of local and foreign investments are in place. S***, I am willing to go to prison for the rest of my life. [applause] Alam mo kasi in this country it is a rule of majority. A time to be in the skies, emblazoned there and a time to be [inaudible] somebody. A time to just walk so many kilometers to school and a time for graduation and being a lawyer. [laughter] ngayon, and the courts will always insist that they will be – that’s the law – that they will be tried and detained in the place where they committed the crime. [Applause] Sanctioned by the government, and penalize all traffic obstructionists regardless of stature – sometimes, hindi mo maano diyan, because the police, it’s a Cabinet member. And I do not want you parking there, when there’s no parking. Revenues are the life blood of government which enables us to provide for the people’s needs. I call on the Senate so support my tax reform in full and to pass it without haste. Your support would ensure that the benefits of the tax reform can be felt immediately by them.

That is why, I have resolved that no matter how long it takes, the fight against illegal drugs will continue because that is the root cause of so much evil and so much suffering [applause] that weakens the social fabric and deters foreign investments from pouring in. I did it for the 50 plus one because in a vote of 100, I get 51, 50 plus one. But when the time comes, eh kung malasin ako, pupunta ako sa presuhan, do not worry about me. Kaya huwag kayong mag – patayin talaga ninyo, kasi ilagay natin ‘yan diyan sa barracks natin diyan, sa ating Mechanized Division. Pero me, I have not authorized my Cabinet member to utilize the low plate. Last May 31, 2017, we achieved the first step towards more equitable taxes to fund better services for the people. In the meantime, the DOF and BIR are strengthening and running after tax evaders.

The fight will be unremitting as it will be unrelenting. Fifty is one-half, one, that is majority of one, I win. Pag-eskapo niyan, dalhin ‘yung kanyon natin, ipaputok pa sa atin. I commend the House of Representatives for heeding my urgent certification of the tax reform by passing the first of five packages of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program with an overwhelming 246 votes, representing almost 9 percent of the Filipino people. [Applause] I have directed the DOF and the BIR to accept Mighty Corporation’s offer of P25 billion to settle its tax liabilities.

It was only a matter of determination and collective action. For as I saw it then as I see it now, there is no problem in the world which can stop the march of a people with unflinching and tenacious determination. Early on, I felt that if change was to be meaningful, it had to start with those occupying the highest positions in government because change that comes from below is more transitory than permanent. Sadly, although we knew years ago that what was needed or ought to do, we did not do [them] because our idea of government was parochial and we could not rise above family, ethnic and clan loyalties as well as loyalty to friends and co-workers. That is why we are one in saying that genuine change is what this country truly needs. You’re a hero in your country.” O saan ako pumunta dito ngayon? Takutin na, “He will be prosecuted.” Hoy, abogado ako because I will… ” “I am here because my soldiers are here and I came here to die also.” [applause] Because any battle, any fierce encounter, you have to be of equal equanimity. Itong NDF because I used to be friends really with the NDF. Ako ‘yung nakakapasok sa teritoryo and we were friends really. [applause] Ito pa, sabi ko sa mga sundalo, ‘yung mga human rights na ano, you are flying everywhere, anywhere ‘yung mga utak ninyo. This media – lalo na itong ABS – kunin lang ‘yang, “kill them.” [laughter] ’Yan ang problema ninyo kaya minura ko kayo. Well anyway, all of these strategic road and transport projects shall go to naught if we cannot free our streets, which continue to be obstructed by illegally parked vehicles. [Laughter] These reforms are designed to be pro-poor, especially when the people understand how the revenues will be spent.

I believed then, as I believe still, that progress and development will sputter if criminals, illegal drugs, illegal users of drugs are allowed to roam the streets freely, victimizing seeming with impunity, the innocent and the helpless. [laughter] It is time for us to fulfill our mandate to protect our people from these crimes that have victimized… Sabi ko nga, everybody is entitled to come here and question me, but I have to question you also. We go to court and we tell the judge that we are hearing by an international body, can we have it judicially recorded? Gusto siyang mamatay, eh ‘di gusto ko ring mamatay. But times have changed because God placed me here and I take care of a Republic. I said, “Take no prisoners.” Which is [garbled] – “kill them”. Walang Presidente na p*******i** kayo because you are not behaving. [applause and cheers] When you publish in the newspaper or quote us in media, itong mga reporters would only quote “kill them.” I said, “Kill them in a fight. Iyong EDSA na iyan, traffic obstructions and undisciplined drivers who stop in the middle of the road, and unsanctioned barriers in some areas. The passage of the Tax Reform Law is needed to fund the proposed 2018 budget which I am submitting here and today.

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